SW Saga: The Old Republic

Crushing Cadets

Inquisitor Urinth assigned the group a new task. They were to accept Lord Zash’ mission, and use the opportunity to make a side-excursion to secure Dorjis’ landing site. Apparently Lord Zash was less then pleased with Snu-snu, and was holding him ransom (and torturing him). She approached the party in anger, and threw their food and drinks (with the force) all over the place. She informed them that if they ever wanted to see their ‘friend’ Snu-snu again, they would rescue her apprentice and help him complete his mission. She threw a datapad at them and stormed off.

Wash managed to requisition a groundcar for the crew, and rather than have to hoof it for three days, they got there quite quickly. The crew headed out, and arrived at a ruined temple called the Shackled Soul. By the temple was a Reclamation Service bunker, outside which were the corpses of a bunch of K’lor’slugs. The party approached, and Deisha reached out with his senses to find any force users. There was one, Vroonex, in the bunker, and a group of much weaker force users somewhere in the temple ruins. Wash hacked the doors, and the party burst in.

A pack of K’lor’slugs greeted them. Sin and Talos charged them, Sin doing his level best to distract the slugs, but Talos got the kicking instead. Although the group slowly ground down the slugs, they kept coming around the corner… where a giant mother K’lor’slug was waiting. The party lay into it, but it was Deisha that stepped up the game, and crushed the life out of the giant beast.

The team found Vroonex locked into the barracks section meditating. He said he couldn’t hack the computer systems, and all the reclamation personnel was dead, so he

Sheep in Wolf's Clothing

Wash, an agent of Darth Jadus, arrived on Korriban with a mission. She delivered Darth Jadus’ instructions to Inquisitor Urinth, who assembled the four sith Acolytes, Talos, Sin, Deixa and Snu-Snu. The acolytes, and Agent Wash, attached to them, were instructed with ferreting out a security breach in the Academy. A number of unexpected and unexplained disappearances among the acolytes were occurring, falling outside the expected parameters of such losses. Snu-snu unleashed force lightning on the mouse droid projecting Darth Jadus into the conference, so the meeting ended short. Inquisitor Urinth informed the group that the evidence she was going to share with them was in the mouse droid, and it was their problem to deal with. She also instructed them that they were to be covert about their operation.

Wash put her technical skills to use, and retrieved a list of 13 names of mission acolytes. The most recent disappearance was one Falin Joss, a twi’lek. She went missing on a training mission from Lord Zash. Her fellow acolytes, Menik, Flint and Vronnex returned unharmed and were not implicated. The party decided to confront Lord Zash about the situation. She was conducting a trainig session for her three acolytes, but Wash easily persuaded her to let them questions the students on the premise that there was missing inventory in the Academy. Zash gave his students one last jolt of lightning, then left the group to talk to them.

Menik and Flint were very dismisive of their missing companion, but Vroonex’ bodylanguage indicated he knows more. Snu-snu lost his patience, and unleashed force lightning on the two humans, charring Flint into a corpse, and sending Menik fleeing. Vroonex seemed unperturbed, and told the investigators that while he though Falin was powerful, she was weak and could not master the Sith Code. He said that he caught Falin using a Republic model holo-comm to communicate with someone as well. He pointed them to Obsidian Barracks Room 13 as her previous domicile.

Obsidian Barracks Room 13 was a cupboard sized dorm for one person, occupied by a young acolyte. Snu-snu informed the acolyte, like everyone else, that he was now Snu-snu’s apprentice. Wash and Sin made the kid wait outside, then ransacked the room. Behind a hidden panel, they found a book “Mindfulness for Jedi” and a datachip with a holonet location for a message drop box. There were several undeleted messages about previously arranged meetups, no names, just vaguely referenced times and places.

The party placed a note in the drop, claiming to be Menik, wanting to meet. They got a response to meet in the K’lor’slug spawning ground around midnight. The acolytes in the party hid around the spawning ground, while Wash trailed Menik. No one hid particularly well, and when the mysterious contact showed up, he spotted most of the crowd easily. Sin recognized him as Dorjis. Dorjis was a brown Zabrak, and had approached Sin about the troubles inherent in non-humans trying to get ahead in the Sith order. Dorjis called out to Menik, indicating his disappointment at the fact that he’d try to set an ambush. He pulled out a device, and triggered it, causing a group of K’lor’slugs to awaken from below the sands. A massive fight ensued.

Menik tried desperately to fight off K’lor’slugs, with some success. Snu-snu unleashed several blasts of force lightning, although a few simply fizzled. Dorjis tried to make a break for it, but Deixa used the force to pull the Jedi back from the cliff face he was rapidly ascending. Ignoring the K’lor’slugs, Sin, Snu-snu and Wash tried to incapacitate Dorjis. After being battered repeatedly, he finally collapsed. Meanwhile a K’lor’slug mauled Menik half to death while another tussled with Talos until he finally managed to down it. The party disposed of the remaining K’lor’slugs.

Wash and Sin tried to interrogate the semi conscious Dorjis, but he merely lamented his failure to save more people. Deixa stepped up, and with a wave of his hand and a suggestion, Dorjis spilled forth that he was trying to evacuate at the Ruins of the Shackled Soul.

The party returned to base, and dropped Menik off with the medics, explaining that he had an unfortunate encounter with Snu-snu. They then turned in Dorjis to Inquisitor Urinth, who congratulated them on a job well done. On the order of Darth Jadus, most of the group had 3000 credits of requisitions released to them, and he sent a light saber to Sin.

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